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business-attorneyBusiness Attorneys at Morris Law Group have advised small- and medium-sized businesses in Folsom for over 15 years.  During that time we have built a reputation as a trusted advisor with strong business acumen.

Whether you are forming a new business in Folsom, want to reorganize your current business structure, or need occasional legal support, you can trust Morris Law Group for reliable, savvy results.

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Outside General Counsel for Folsom Businesses

 We offer a full spectrum of outside general counsel legal services, including legal compliance and business consulting for Folsom businesses.  Your small- or medium-sized Folsom business might not have the budget of a large corporation, but it has similar needs.  Business attorney David R. Morris will help you meet those needs by offering tailored a la carte legal services.  This option ensures your business, at any stage of growth, continues to thrive.

Outside general counsel services offer you the specific legal resources you need in Folsom when you need them.  Typical requests include corporate reviews, drafting and review of contracts, annual meetings, and representation or guidance in negotiations.  This unique business support enables you to grow your Folsom based business at your pace and within your budget.

Expert Legal Guidance for Business Transactions in Folsom

As your business grows from an idea to a prosperous company in Folsom, you will need support for a variety of business transactions.   Business attorney David R. Morris can help you transition smoothly from one stage to the next throughout your business’s lifecycle.  We specialize in delivering powerful business structuring tools to local small- and medium-sized businesses in Folsom.  You will directly benefit from our legal services in support of your Operations and Growth, Asset Protection, Business and Employment Contracts, including:

  • Business Incorporation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Buying a Business or Franchise
  • Business Transfers And Successions
  • Selling a Business or Franchise
  • Business Terminations And Dissolution

Ask Dave About

"Ask Dave" is a growing collection of videos that explain estate & business planning terms and concepts in simple terms anyone can understand.
Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to your future. Some popular topics are:
  • About Probate
  • Downside of Probate
  • How A Trust Works
  • Planning & Wills

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Our Practice Areas

  • Trusts (both simple and complex)
  • Pour-Over Wills
  • Powers of Attorney (health care & financial)
  • Probate
  • Asset Allocation & Trust Subdivision
  • Estate Tax Planning & Strategy
  • Capital-Gains Tax Planning

 Experienced Folsom Business Attorney

It is essential that you select the right legal structure for your business in Folsom.  Choosing the right structure can help maximize your profits while limiting your personal financial liability and reducing or avoiding unnecessary taxes. Folsom business attorney David R. Morris will help you determine which legal business entity bets meets your goals.

Business Planning AttorneyWhether you need to establish a simple Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Company (LLC), a more complex C Corporation or S Corporation, or need help structuring a Franchise purchase, David R. Morris will ensure you receive the proper guidance to make the right decision about legal structure for your Folsom business.

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Local Business Attorneys for Folsom

Business Attorney David R. Morris provides Folsom businesses with the best legal support at every stage of development with expert care.   When your business success depends on having the right structure, transaction support, and guidance at the right time, Morris Law Group is here to help you.


Folsom is named for Joseph Libbey Folsom who purchased Rancho Rio de los Americanos from the heirs of a San Francisco merchant William Alexander Leidesdorff, and laid out the town called Granite City, mostly occupied by gold miners seeking fortune in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Though few amassed a great deal of wealth, the city prospered due to Joseph Folsom’s lobbying to get a railway to connect the town with Sacramento. Mr. Folsom died in 1855, and Granite City was later renamed to Folsom in his honor.

Folsom Business Attorney

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Attorney David R. Morris is a Certified Specialist in Estates, Trusts, and Probate, certified by the State Bar of California. Certified Specialists undergo rigorous peer review, testing, and education to certify that they are experts in their subject matter areas. Fewer than two percent of attorneys in California become Certified Specialists in any area of law—the designation serves as an indication that the attorney is skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in the specialty area.

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